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Allied Artists Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Films

Between 1952 and 1977, Allied Artists Pictures Corporation released over 80 feature films with horror, science fiction and fantasy themes, several of them featuring such genre stars as Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, John Carradine and Lon Chaney, Jr. Among Allied Artists’ contributions are the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the William Castle productions House on Haunted Hill and Macabre. Allied also released the camp favorites Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster, From Hell It…

Where Monsters Walked

Pub Date : 2018-01-12 | Author : Gail Orwig | Publisher : McFarland

ISBN 10 : 9781476627977
ISBN 13 : 1476627975

This richly illustrated guide to dozens of California filming locations covers five decades of science fiction, fantasy and horror movies, documenting such familiar places as the h..

Film Genre Reader Iv

Pub Date : 2012-12-01 | Author : Barry Keith Grant | Publisher : University of Texas Press

ISBN 10 : 9780292745742
ISBN 13 : 0292745745

From reviews of the third edition: "Film Genre Reader III lives up to the high expectations set by its predecessors, providing an accessible and relatively comprehensive look at ge..

Western Movies

Pub Date : 2012 | Author : Michael R. Pitts | Publisher : McFarland

ISBN 10 : 9781476600901
ISBN 13 : 1476600902

"A comprehensive reference volume detailing nearly 5300 of the most popular, enduring film genre: feature-length (over 40 minutes) Westerns, including 16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm, videoca..

Mars In The Movies

Pub Date : 2016-10-31 | Author : Thomas Kent Miller | Publisher : McFarland

ISBN 10 : 9780786499144
ISBN 13 : 0786499141

Films about Mars have been a science-fiction staple for more than a century. From Thomas Edison's 1910 short film A Trip to Mars to Ridley Scott's 2015 smash hit The Martian, the r..

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