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Are You in the House Alone?: A TV Movie Compendium 1964-1999

Are You In The House Alone

ISBN 10 : 1909394440
ISBN 13 : 9781909394445

Beginning in the 1960s through its heyday in the 1970s and beyond, the telefilm stands as an important cultural artefact masquerading as disposable entertainment. Made specifically..

Are You In The House Alone

ISBN 10 : 9781101664384
ISBN 13 : 110166438X

An updated look for the classic YA thriller from genre heavyweight Richard Peck Sixteen-year-old Gail is living the upper-class suburban life when she begins receiving terrifying p..

The Werewolf Filmography

ISBN 10 : 9780786479108
ISBN 13 : 0786479108

From the horrific to the heroic, cinematic werewolves are metaphors for our savage nature, symbolizing the secret, bestial side of humanity that hides beneath our civilized veneer...

When Animals Attack

ISBN 10 : 9090300287
ISBN 13 : 9789090300283

The definitive horror movie guide for fans of killer animals and "revenge of nature" films. When Animals Attack: The 70 Best Horror Movies with Killer Animals provides a fascinatin..

80s Action Movies On The Cheap

ISBN 10 : 9780786497416
ISBN 13 : 0786497416

"The 1980s was the decade when the action film as we know it came into being. Nonstop, big-budget excitement became the standard for the summer blockbusters. Homages made with less..

The Encyclopedia Of Japanese Horror Films

ISBN 10 : 9781442261679
ISBN 13 : 1442261676

Although the horror genre has been embraced by filmmakers around the world, Japan has been one of the most prolific and successful purveyors of such films. From science fiction ter..

Rape Revenge Films

ISBN 10 : 9780786486922
ISBN 13 : 0786486929

"Only on rare occasions has the rape-revenge movie transcended what is assumed to be its exploitative nature and moved into the mainstream. This overview reassesses that viewpoint ..

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