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The 21 Day Shred

ISBN 10 : 9780804181013
ISBN 13 : 0804181012

Strip fat from your body and sculpt the perfect physical form—in just three weeks!—with this e-short from the editors of Men’s Fitness. In The 21-Day Shred, Mike Simone and t..

The 21 Day Yoga Body

ISBN 10 : 9780385347075
ISBN 13 : 0385347073

Are you ready for a total body transformation? In The 21-Day Yoga Body, renowned wellness warrior and lifestyle expert Sadie Nardini gives you a program to renovate your body, mind..

Shred The Revolutionary Diet

ISBN 10 : 9781250036551
ISBN 13 : 1250036550

Dr. Ian K. Smith's Shred is the answer to every dieter's biggest dilemmas: how to lose that last twenty pounds? How to push through that frustrating plateau? What to do when nothin..

Super Shred The Big Results Diet

ISBN 10 : 9781466842915
ISBN 13 : 1466842911

The diet that works faster and forever! SUPER SHRED Using the same principles—meal spacing, snacking, meal replacement and diet confusion—that made his SHRED a major #1 bestsel..

The 21 Day Big Muscle Plan

ISBN 10 : 9780804181020
ISBN 13 : 0804181020

With a simple, scientific program to build muscle and boost testosterone, this e-short from the editors of Muscle & Fitness will help you sculpt the perfect male physique—in just..

The Shred Power Cleanse

ISBN 10 : 9781466866867
ISBN 13 : 1466866861

Dr. Ian is answering Shredder Nation's call for a short-term, fast-acting cleanse that will help you reset and power through to your new weight loss goal! The SHRED Power Cleanse t..

The Stash Plan

ISBN 10 : 9781501123092
ISBN 13 : 1501123092

"Cook ahead, mix and match, nourish body and soul"--Cover...