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Best of Star Trek: Volume 1 – The Movies

The making of the Star Trek movies, as told by the cast and crew!

As Star Trek Beyond heads into movie theaters and the Star Trek franchise celebrates its 50th Anniversary, this jam-packed volume celebrates Star Trek on the silver screen in all its incarnations – from the J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek and Into Darkness to the classic The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country – with a stellar array of big name cast and crew interviews.

In this unparalleled collection of interviews and…

The Delta Anomaly

Pub Date : 2010-11-02 | Author : Rick Barba | Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN 10 : 1442414251
ISBN 13 : 9781442414259

The year is 2250, and it has been six months since James Kirk joined Starfleet Academy. A rebellious young man, Kirk is used to doing things his way--and whenever he feels like it...

New Earth Book One Wagon Train To The Stars

Pub Date : 2012-07-24 | Author : Diane Carey | Publisher : Simon and Schuster

ISBN 10 : 9781471107788
ISBN 13 : 1471107787

Having saved Earth from the threat of V'Ger, James T. Kirk is called again to the final frontier. His new mission: to lead a valiant group of settlers to a distant world, to defend..


Pub Date : 2014-04-22 | Author : Ole G. Mouritsen | Publisher : Columbia University Press

ISBN 10 : 9780231537582
ISBN 13 : 0231537581

In the West, we have identified only four basic tastes—sour, sweet, salty, and bitter—that, through skillful combination and technique, create delicious foods. Yet in many part..

Invasion Usa

Pub Date : 2017-10-12 | Author : David J. Hogan | Publisher : McFarland

ISBN 10 : 9780786499045
ISBN 13 : 0786499044

In 1947 and again in 1951, when the queasy wartime alliance of the United States and the Soviet Union was long dissolved into mutual suspicion, the House Un-American Activities Com..

Arv 3

Pub Date : 2013-12 | Author : Cameo Renae | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 1939769507
ISBN 13 : 9781939769503

The beginning of the end. The Apocalypse. A nuclear fallout wiped out every living thing on the planet, except for a few thousand of us who took shelter in underground bunkers acro..

Violent Python

Pub Date : 2012-12-28 | Author : TJ O'Connor | Publisher : Newnes

ISBN 10 : 9781597499644
ISBN 13 : 1597499641

Violent Python shows you how to move from a theoretical understanding of offensive computing concepts to a practical implementation. Instead of relying on another attacker’s tool..

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